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Eco Bambini

Clear Skin Cream

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Reduce the appearance of spots and breakouts with this tea tree oil treatment.

The clear skin cream from Purity Natural Beauty is a perfect daily moisturiser for spot prone skin. This natural treatment combines anti-bacterial and anti-septic oils with fruit extracts to maintain healthy, nourished skin, creating a gentle but effective formulation to tackle and prevent spot and blemish prone skin.

This cream offers a perfect alternative to harsh chemical based acne treatments.

Key Spot and Blemish Fighting Ingredients:

  • Tea Tree Leaf
  • Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil

Tea Tree Leaf Oil has the ability to break the build-up of oil and dirt, unclogging the skin's pores, due to its antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties. When applied topically, this potent ingredient reduces the appearance of redness and spots, also preventing further infection.

Sea Buckthorn Oil has the ability to break the skin's inflammatory cycle, reduce redness and swelling.

Made in United Kingdom

    This gorgeous face cream comes in a 50ml jar with plantable labels. Plant in soil and packaging composts away, sprouting into flowers and plants.