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Top 5 Parenting Accounts To Follow

It’s so easy to get lost in the infinite scrolling through various ‘mummy and me’ posts. We’ve all been there...pop online to find some tummy time activities and two hours later, you find yourself lost in the black hole of ‘parenting hacks’ on instagram. To cut through the noise, here are 5 parenting accounts that are actually useful and educational.


What is it? With a focus on early years development, the Kinedu app has a wealth of parenting resources, and activities you can do with your baby to support them as they grow.

Why is it useful? The app’s tips and recommended activities are tailored to your child’s age and developmental stage. You can also track your baby’s progress in various areas like linguistics, physical skills, and social and emotional development.

Bonus: The app gives you  free activities per week to enjoy with your baby.

Big Life Journal

What is it? An account dedicated to positive parenting and fostering a growth mindset in your little ones. All done through practical and to-the-point explainers with graphics.

Why is it useful? Big Life Journal addresses the tricky parts of character development, like children telling lies, teaching respect, and dealing with big emotions. It gives useful phrases, and simple actions you can take to support your child.

Bonus: You can also subscribe to get free helpful printables every week

We Are Teachers

What is it? Okay, so full disclaimer, this one is aimed at teachers, rather than parents (the clue is in the name!) but We Are Teachers is full of inspiration for activities and general learning points that can be used at home too. 

Why is it useful? Of course, there’s the educational angle with this account (think: homework help and ideas for learning at home), but there’s added value with tips on how to help your child socially, as well as supporting their behavioural needs.

Bonus: Check out the ‘problem of the day’ flashcards to work on with your child.

Curious parenting

What is it? A wealth of resources for giving need-based care as a parent. The tips focus on building resilience in your child and their emotional development.

Why is it useful? All the tips are based on a broad body of research and philosophy on child psychology, and give practical ways to support your child and their specific needs.

Bonus: The Curious Parenting website also offers a list of amazing resources for anti-racism teaching.

Parenting Hell

What is it? This one’s a bit of fun. The hugely popular podcast from comedians Josh Widdicombe and Rob Beckett addresses the highs and lows of parenting in a light and hilarious way. With celeb guests talking about their parenting experiences, and listener anecdotes, you can have a giggle while cleaning up baby sick for the tenth time today.

Why is it useful? Who doesn’t want to hear about celebrities facing the same parenting challenges that we mere mortals encounter daily? Plus, Josh and Rob do also cover serious and sensitive parenting subjects with ease and grace.

Bonus: You can reminisce about the very early parenting days with this episode when Josh Widdicombe’s new baby had just arrived.

We hope you like these parenting accounts. Do you have any favourites that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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