Our Story

Hi, I'm Katie and I'm the founder of Eco Bambini.

Our story starts in February 2021 in sunny Norfolk, UK, when we welcomed our son, Theo into the world. 

Shocked with how many baby products are either not made to last, completely disposable, or just plain bad for the environment, I was always on the hunt for greener toys, clothes, nappies, and so on for baby Theo. 

The good news is that I found tonnes of amazing stores, creators, and brands that have environmental impact at the forefront of their minds. So much so, that at any given time I had an ever-growing note on my iPhone entitled 'sustainable baby stuff'. This note grew and grew, until I would end up scrolling for what felt like forever to find the link I needed when trying to make a purchase for the baby! 

So, in some kind of lightbulb moment, I decided that this note on my phone should be a one-stop shop for all these amazing eco-conscious indy brands that I love. This way, other parents can go to one place to find more sustainable baby items without spending a fortune. 

We started small, with a selection of hand-picked stock from a range of suppliers. Now, we are adding wider selections of clothes, toys, accessories, nappies, and more, all with the aim of picking the most eco-friendly items to delight babies and parents alike.

We hope you find the site helpful, and that you love the items as much as we do (baby Theo included!) If you have any green suppliers you'd like to see us stock, please do get in touch.

Katie xx