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Eco Bambini

Bonny Bots Solo Reusable Nappy - I want to be like you (oo-oo) - 20% OFF

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Bonny Bots Solo is an all in one cloth nappy that was designed to be easy to use, comfortable and reliable.

The unique monkey pattern will brighten up your little one's nappy shelf.

Reusable diapers are a fantastic sustainable way to nappy your baby and toddler. Using cloth nappies instead of disposables reduces your carbon footprint by 16% on average. Not only do cloth nappies save on landfill waste, they also work out cheaper in the long run than disposable nappies.

Soft outer PUL, double row waist snaps, hip snaps, and crossover snaps. Bottom row of snaps are male meaning no uncomfortable hip snap!

Thick, comfortable and leak proof back elastics.

Athletic Wicking Jersey lining, keeping babies bum cool and dry.

PUL waterproof tummy and back panel prevents leaks.

Double gusset - outer PUL elastics and inner AWJ elastics.

6 layers of thirsty bamboo Terry (1500 GSM)

Open gussets to allow airflow for drying.

Optional 4 layer hemp booster.

Fabric Content- PUL, AWJ, BAMBOO TERRY

Care Instructions- Machine Wash