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9 Essential Gifts For Mums To Be

Whether you’re looking for a baby shower gift for a pregnant friend, or you are an expecting mother yourself, we’ve rounded up the top new mum gifts that are must-haves when the little bundle of joy arrives. 

For baby

Muslins or burp cloths

So many parents wonder how they ever lived without muslins pre-baby. These cloths are excellent for mopping up sick, swaddling, and cleaning up general baby mess. They are super absorbent and soft too, so are gentle on a newborn baby's skin. Look out for particularly soft natural materials- such as 100% cotton, which is breathable too. Smaller muslins are helpful to have in the baby bag when you’re on the go, while you can also find large blanket-sized muslins that you can use to wrap up the baby. Muslins come in all sorts of adorable patterns and prints like this robot cloth on the Eco Bambini store.

Scratch mitts

To avoid newborns scratching themselves (and to stop them clawing their parents too!) grab a pair of scratch mitts. They can also double up as tiny indoor gloves to keep the baby warm. Look out for sleepsuits and onesies that have in-built scratch mitts too. (Check out our lovely dino sleepsuit with fold-over scratch mitts here).


A great gift for a few months into a baby’s life when those first teeth start to poke through. Teethers with handles are great to keep grabby hands busy, and for your little one to practice hand-eye coordination. Food-grade silicon is a robust and safe material for little mouths too. 

For mum


This one goes without saying! Any snacks to keep up mum’s energy during night feeds are always especially welcome. A great gift to include in a baby shower hamper.

Nipple cream

For breastfeeding mums, nipple cream can be a real lifesaver.  Lansinoh's HPA Lanolin nipple cream is a popular choice, offering quick relief for sore and cracked nipples. This soothing cream is really useful as a bathroom cupboard staple. Stocking up while you’re still a mum to be is helpful too.

Postpartum spray and cooling pads

For mums who had a vaginal birth, numbing or cooling spray offers relief for the postnatal soreness down there. Many new mothers swear by spritz for bits. Cooling pads can be placed in your knickers to soothe irritated areas and often contain witch hazel for comfort.

Pamper gift set

Life with a newborn is often busy, tiring, and a little chaotic- wonderful chaos a lot of the time- but nonetheless, finding time for yourself when you’ve just had a baby can be challenging. Having a luxury face mask or some pamper products to hand is great for when you do find a spare half an hour to have a relax. Make sure to prioritise yourself now and again- you’ll feel so refreshed and you deserve a treat mumma!

For the rest of the family

Takeaway voucher

For those nights when finding the time to cook a meal is a challenge, a takeaway voucher is a fantastic gift for new parents. It includes the whole family in the new baby gift and gives everyone a lovely treat to look forward to.

Gift for older sibling

For growing families, a little gift for the new arrival’s sibling is a brilliant idea. ‘Congratulations on becoming a big sister’ for example, is a thoughtful way to include other children in the exciting news. At Eco Bambini we have a set of beautiful wildlife books for older siblings too.

We hope this has given you some inspiration for new mum gifts or for getting ready to be a new parent. What would you add to the list? Tell us in the comments...

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